Extreme Ironing
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Iron a Military Shirt

Carol J. Hughes shows us how to iron a military shirt by avoiding wrinkles in unsuspecting places. Isn’t she amazing? We wonder of other amazing things she can do if she had a Flippr ironing board! #EnjoyFlippr   Don’t you … Read More

Iron Like a Master

TM Lewin shows us how to get ironing done more efficiently with the right iron. We say, with the right iron AND the right ironing board! Flippr is the right ironing board that saves you 80% of your ironing time … Read More

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Fix the Worse Part About Ironing

The Insider shows how Flippr fixes the worst part about ironing. The creator of Flippr, Kibeom Lee, despised ironing, so he reinvented the ironing board with a 360 degree hinge and shaped like a torso. Life is an adventure, spend … Read More

Save Time Ironing

Dr. Oz shows how aluminum foil, when used during ironing, can help get better results, and save your ironing time in half. Imagine how much more time you can save if you are using Flippr! Spend more time with life, … Read More

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Hack Your Laundry

BuzzFeedVideo shows an awesome video on laundry hacks. From keeping your jeans looking like new by freezing them, to managing your washing machine. Flippr, too, is a great life hack and time-saving household investment that will last a lifetime. Spend … Read More

Press Your Trousers

T.M. Lewin tells us that we iron our shirts and press our trousers. From finding the center of the seams, to using steam as we work on the creases. This is a great show-and-tell for anyone who wears the pants! … Read More